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DONIC Waldner Dotec AR
100 283 060  DONIC Waldner Dotec AR
DONIC Waldner Dotec AR
The DONIC Dotec System is the first wood technology without awkward edges.Since the human hand does not have hard edges, DONIC wanted to develop a smooth blade without sharp edges.It was, therefore, important to ensure a completely smooth transition between blade and handle.
The handle: The DONIC Dotec model has a totally different handle to previous bats.The handle is made out of one piece, surrounded by natural cork. There are different versions for right and left handers.
Waldner Dotec AR: The Limba / Balsa combination produced by the new DONIC Dotec Technology, results in a perfect, relatively speedy, all round blade. The touch is amazing when returning the ball. One cannot experience better control inside the DONIC Dotec range! Rating: AR +
DONIC Cayman
100 277 010  DONIC Cayman
All-round with good feel
DONIC developed with the CAYMAN, an extremely light and relatively fast all round blade with high rigidity and excellent control. This blade is especially suitable for players using pimples. The hard outer plies are particularly effective when using long or short pimples. Blocking and counter attacking become more deadly and more troublesome, especially for long pimpled players. Amazing control, with no lessening of speed, permits the player using this DONIC blade to attack and defend and enjoy his game. This does not only apply to players using pimples.
2.4.1 Persson Powerplay Senso V1
100 225  2.4.1 Persson Powerplay Senso V1
Fast 7-ply offensive blade made in Sweden that can be controlled even with normal training thanks to a special thin layer of foil. Available in the two SENSO versions: V1= optimum speed V2= optimum control.
 1.5.1 Waldner Senso Carbon
100 219  1.5.1 Waldner Senso Carbon
This model is based on the famous DONIC Allplay that is one of the worlds best selling blades! With the addition of two Carbon layers the Waldner Senso Carbon combines the unique characteristics of the high-tec Carbon with the much proven and highly successful Swedish allround construction to achieve a perfect combination. The result is a fantastic playing characteristic providing speed and control in an ideal balance. Supported by the Senso V1 void this blade is very elastic giving you the essential feedback of the bounce of the ball.
For attack players as well as for aggressive allrounders, the Waldner Senso Carbon is a perfect blade