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Donic Desto F3 Big SlamDonic Desto F3 Big Slam 

"The sound of speed gluing has been captured in F3 BigSlam rubbers: F3 BigSlam generates a loud crack when you hit the ball!

This is the loudest DESTO FORMULA rubber that DONIC has ever produced. DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam reproduces the loud sound that you got during the classic times of speed gluing. However, this rubber does not require speed glue and must not be speed glued! The distinctive sound has been firmly and permanently incorporated into the rubber. BigSlam is somewhat softer, but not significantly slower than its successful sibling DESTO F3. It has the same amazingly simple ball control, but gives the same effect as optimum speed glue. Whether you prefer DESTO F3 or DESTO F3 BigSlam is a matter of taste-or, should we say, of sound preference.

DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam is recommended for players who have previously used speed glue and for those who value sound and outstanding ball control qualities rather than maximum speed. BigSlam will be a popular choice once speed glue is banned.
  • Speed:8
  • Control: 7
  • Spin: 10+
  • Sponge: Soft
  • Topsheet: Spin, Elastic
Reviews and comments: 
Review by haggisv: 
I had a go with this rubber on a Dawei Navigator blade the other day, WOW the glue effect built into this rubber is huge!

The sponge is really soft (around 30degrees I reckon) and the topsheet thin, sensitive and very grippy. It's amazing how little effort it takes to open up with a loop with this rubber, and it's so easy to generate huge spin! I've never come across a rubber where you can generate a medium pace and very spinny loop with such little effort!

I reminds me very much of the Joola Tango, but the glue effect and sound is a LOT higher.

I think it suits a backhand more than a forehand, as it's great for an opening loop or a flick, followed by a powerful forehand. The rubber is not real fast on loops, although it hits really well, coming off fast with a very loud click.

So it suits a more control and spin based game, but combined with a faster and firmer sponged forehand, it can suit a very offensive style game. With a thinner sponge (1.8mm is the thinnest) it would work very well for a chopper, whereas with 2.0 or MAX a more offensive and very spinny game would be appropriate.
Review by lildudejds (published with permission)

DISCLAIMER - i have never really done a rubber review, so let me know if you have any questions of things i left out.

I just got my new f3 bigslam 2.3mm and cut and put it on. I was hesitant to try and put any EEII on it as i didn't want to damage it at all......but i put them both on my korbel, the f3, and the refoma with 3 nice layers of glue, and i did a comparison.

Speed- Of course, f3 is a little slower, but surprisingly not much. I did a test where i held the paddle in one place and let the robot fire a ball at it. This gave me 2 things, speed, and throw angle. The f3 has a WAY higher throw angle than the refoma.

Spin - At first, none of my loops were landing with the f3, i thought " oh great this thing isn't as spinny as i thought it was gonna be". It took me a few minutes to realize how much different of a throw angle these had. When i adjusted the blade to be more horizontal to the ground, they all started landing with plenty of spin. I think it had about as much spin as the refoma did, it was just hard to brush loop with because of the really high throw angle. You had to really go through the ball to get the same result. When i tried a few shots on the backhand, the desto was SOOO much easier than the refoma. It's high throw let me snap that wrist really powerfully and every shot would rocket, dropping with lot's of spin.

Control - Both were satisfactory, i think when i get used to the throw angle of the desto, it will be easier to control on opening loops, especially backspin.

Serves - The high throw of the desto, and the slightly slower speed really allowed me to go at it when trying to get underspin. I could achieve just as much underspin as i could with refoma, so i see no problems with service.

Sound - When they say this thing sounds glued, THEY WERE NOT LIEING. It was 10X as loud as my glued refoma. The loudest rubber ive ever played with. Every shot just went POP!!!! It's pretty incredible, if sound is something you get excited about like me.

Feel - i enjoyed the feel of the desto more, i could really feel every shot better. This could be because the desto is brand new, but still, i actually really like the softness of it.

Overall, I'm really really surprised by this rubber. I think it is a great replacement to glueing and I'm happy so far. I haven't played a match yet, but from hitting on the robot i can tell it should be good. Now the only question is how long with the effect last and how long will the rubber itself last....



It is seriously incredible. It has all the effect that glued sriver el, or refoma had, and it is more consistent. It is literally the loudest rubber ive ever used and is louder than most rubbers that are all glued up. And this is without glue or EEII, just plain normal.

I'm not joking, anyone who is looking to stop glueing, or wants to try an awesome tensor. I'd highly recommend this rubber. Now i just have to see how long it lasts....