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DONIC has been a leading table tennis equipment for several decades, and have shown some great innovation in blade and rubber technologies. Read below about the Donic story...


Excellent results are often based on simple principles. DONIC believes in quality, innovation and speed. To be first with a new product is DONIC’s tradition, e.g. DOTEC and SENSO technology used for blades, FORMULA DONIC and SOUND SYSTEM in rubber production, functional fabric in textiles, and Twin Compact and Super Compact technology used for tables. Permanent innovations for more than 25 years have powered DONIC to one of the most renowned table tennis brands in the world.


DONIC top player…
is Jan-Ove Waldner, for more than 20 years without interruption (!) among the top players in the world ranking list. The Olympic Winner of Barcelona won two World Single's titles, two Vice World Champion titles and two Bronze Medals at World Championships. He is under contract with DONIC since 1993. At the Olympic Games 2004 in Athenshe was the only European who reached the semi-final and this at the age of 38 - a remarkable age for a professional player. 

The first DONIC top player…

was the Swede Mikael Appelgren. “Äplet”, as he is called with his nickname, counts for more than 15 years on DONIC products. After having won 3 titles in the Men's Singles Events, he is the record holder at the European Championships. 

The third DONIC top player… 
in the DONIC team is Jörgen Persson, also Men's Single's World Champion, European Single's Champion, Top 12 Winner, World Cup Winner - and a great sympathetic figure. And as a team player he also won 4 World Champion titles with the Swedish National Team.

The long-standing “DONIC-Sweden-tradition”

will now be continued by the two most successful European youth players in the recent years: The young German player Patrick Baum became the World Junior Single’s Champion in Linzin December 2005 and afterwards he became the German TOP 12 Winner 2006 in Men’s Singles. The European Junior Singles Champion and twice European Junior Top 12 Winner Dima Ovtcharov finally made his breakthrough and became n° 1 player in his team in the German Bundesliga and even defeated some world top players. The third German in the DONIC team is the Vice-European Champion in Men’s Single Competition of 2003, Torben Wosik, who became Vice-World Champion in Qatarin 2004 with the German National Team.

The player who also belong to the DONIC team

are the Rumanian player Adrian Crisan (n° 10 of the world ranking list / issued January 06) who remained unbeaten in team competition at the European Championships 2005 in Danemark.

DONIC is a family owned company.

Both chairmen, Karlheinz and Frank Schreiner, were playing in the German Bundesleague during their time as active players. The headquarter is in Völklingen In the headquarter in Völklingen DONIC develop and test the latest innovations in cooperation with our top players.

In 1987 already…
only ten years after the foundation of the company, DONIC tables have been used at the World Championships in New Delhi! This story of success was repeated in 2006 when DONIC became table supplier at the 2006 LIEBHERR World Team Table Tennis Championships in Bremen, Germany. Due to its totally new and extraordinary table, DONIC had played its part in the success of this big sports
All Donic Products
checked regarding quality, durability and exclusivity before they are put on the market. Only after having passed various tests and controls, new or modified products which are state-to-the-art, are launched to the market. This is the result of the DONIC leitmotif.
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