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Donic Coppa JO SilverDonic Coppa JO Silver


"Waldner for Everybody...

During his promotional tournaments in China, Jan-Ove regularly played with COPPA JO GOLD. To cater to Jan-Ove's taste, as well as that of many other professional players, the sponge of Coppa J.O. Gold is relatively hard. Consequently, we have developed the COPPA JO SILVER version. This is a rubber that most players will feel very comfortable with, especially European players.
COPPA J.O. SILVER is considerably softer, but due to its high built-in speed-glue effect, it plays like a medium-hard speed-glued rubber. DONIC COPPA JO SILVER is the star of the new generation of rubber. It combines excellent control, very high speed, and spin that is very close to that of professional speed-glued rubber sheets.

COPPA JO SILVER is just as powerful as the GOLD version, but thanks to its softer sponge, it strikes a perfect balance between speed, spin, control, and sound. It is a high performance alternative to speed gluing for powerful attackers."
  • Speed: 10-
  • Control: 6
  • Spin: 10+
  • Sponge: Soft+
  • Topsheet: Spin, Elastic