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Coppa JO GoldCoppa JO Gold 

"COPPA JO GOLD - the future is now
A speed glue bann in 2008 - Waldner is ready - The legend wears GOLD"

"Waldner is progress. He has been one of the top players in the world for over 20 years, has been decorated with many gold medals, and has become immortal." Well-known Swedish sports journalist Jens Felke describing the best table tennis player of all time. With imminent radical changes to rubbers, and speed glue in the process of being banned *, the legend Waldner will show the way.
COPPA JO GOLD - sets a new standard with the in-built speed glueing effect. The sound and feel is similar to speed glueing, giving a performance one can only dream about. We recommend the new Coppa rubbers from Jan Ove Waldner for the following players: Coppa JO GOLD is the highest performing rubber from the FORMULA series and a replacement for speed glueing.

This high performance rubber is suitable for highly trained attackers with good technical know-how.

  • Speed: 10+ 
  • Control: 5
  • Spin 10+
  • Sponge: Medium hardness
  • Topsheet: Spin, Elastic